Portfolio Category: Interaction Design for Mobile

Mobile Apps

At Blue Shield of California, I worked closely with Product Managers, Developer & QA scrum teams, and a contract Interaction Designer to define the first generation of apps for iPhone and Android.   [caption id="attachment_1771" align="alignleft" width="150"] iPhone App Sample Screens[/caption] Here are some sample pages from the first version of the iPhone app.  …
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Mobile Web

Blue Shield of California needed a mobile web presence to meet the needs of one of their biggest customers. I worked with a product manager and visual designer, as well as onsite and offshore developers and QA specialists, to quickly define a concentrated set of functionality tuned to the needs of people on the go.…
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Validating Mental Models

Often, it's tempting to begin creating or improving designs by jumping in and moving the elements of the design around, adding something here or there, to try to address customer concerns. However, experienced product designers know that surface treatments like this often do not address the real problems people have with using a design. We…
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