Empowering Information Seekers

  • 02 Pharmacy Top Auth
  • 03 MM
  • 04 MM Add a medication
  • 05 MM Add Typing
  • 06 MM Search Results 2
  • 07 MM Select Option in List

100% Interaction Design // 100% Visual Design (based on existing templates)

People with health insurance from Blue Shield of California currently can review information about different medicines and other pharmacy items. I identified an opportunity to give them something more - a personal store of specific drugs they have been prescribed, or otherwise have an interest in.

Here are a few screens from this proposal.

  1. The first image shows the authenticated state, so "My Medications" is an option. We can remember their preferences if they are logged in.
  2. My Medications page.
  3. Add a Med, step 1 - two ways to search, to maximize the chance that people with different levels of web use familiarity will succeed.
  4. Type-ahead search pattern.
  5. Search results, along with similar formulations/brands.
  6. Specific formulation/size.

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