Cloud-Based Banking Software

ImpairmentStudio™ is a quickly growing product offered by Moody's Analytics to calculate allowance according to CECL and IFRS9 accounting guidelines.

Hailed by Moody's Analytics' executive leadership as "the best product launch we've ever had", this product gave me the opportunity to design a new product from the beginning.

We structured the product around the sequence that bankers already follow - gather and validate data, define values for calculation variables, generate results, apply adjustments and publish.

Along the way, I was responsible for:

  • Defining a conceptual design that fits the mental model for our users
  • Creating a set of personas that are representative of this market
  • Developing interactive walkthroughs at successively higher resolution
  • Leading regular requirements definition and design review sessions - creating a culture of feedback
  • Authoring and executing a plan for usability testing with representative users
  • Specifying and driving implementation of an innovative prioritized UX story backlog
  • Enhancing UX components to work the way people need them to, e.g. adding search to multi-select dropdown
  • Integrating 3rd party components from companies like Highcharts and Webix to add functionality quickly
  • Guiding and developing UX contractor talent - an extremely rewarding addition to my management experience
  • Implementing the first instance of WalkMe for the division, and successfully showing value for the investment
  • Using web analytics data to drive decisions about product functionality
  • Most importantly, raising the bar of quality for product usability, so that everyone feels inspired and responsible for building great things

Along with having the opportunity to start from scratch, the most exciting thing about this product was that we were less constrained by the technology platform. Being able to partner with developers to enhance and create new Angular components made it easier to build a product that works the way people think.

The resulting sales success has validated the design-first approach we took for the product. I am very proud of what we have achieved, and look forward to expanding the product further in the months ahead.

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