Building a Team that Delivers

A few of the most important things I look for in building a team are:

  • Curiosity - a willingness to explore different ideas
  • Humbleness - a sense that the best idea should win
  • Humor & Camaraderie - we win or lose together
  • Excellence - drive to develop one's skills and do great things

I've managed up to nine interaction designers and researchers, sometimes in different geographies. With regular touchpoints as a team and individually, I strive to keep communication flowing, so our best ideas as a group can drive the design and be reflected in our deliverables.

We spend a huge portion of our lives at work, and every team member needs different things to succeed. By listening to people and clarifying what's important, I can maximize the overlap between their skills and interests and the needs of the organization.

But ultimately, the most reward comes from building successful products that meet customer needs. By making that the benchmark, we assure that our success is tied to the success of the people who buy and use our products. That is how we keep our success sustainable.

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