Interaction Design for Embedded Systems

  • Accessible Product Design

    Accessible Product Design

    Accessibility is good for everyone.

  • Observations Reveal Behavior Patterns

    Observations Reveal Behavior Patterns

    At McKesson, user research revealed patterns of behavior, as well as problems we could address with design. I visited 7…

  • Design Exploration and Innovation

    Design Exploration and Innovation

    Many hours of research and exploration are usually needed to identify product opportunities. In this case, spending time with EKG…

  • Research Reveals Opportunities

    Research Reveals Opportunities

    HeartSense was a year-long research project to identify opportunities in the healthcare space. The resulting design prototype was not a…

  • Intelligent Living Office Partitions

    Intelligent Living Office Partitions

    This graduate school project was a conceptual design for living, breathing office partitions. The concept was called "Grobot", for growing…

  • Validating Mental Models

    Validating Mental Models

    Often, it's tempting to begin creating or improving designs by jumping in and moving the elements of the design around,…

  • Building a Multi-Language Interface

    Building a Multi-Language Interface

    The instruments here are helping to protect drinking water safety around the world. I built a state machine driven prototype…

  • Product Design for Worldwide Use

    Product Design for Worldwide Use

    Handheld instrument design Hach partnered with two other leaders in the field of chemical analysis to create a brand new…

  • Testing Usability in Embedded Systems

    Testing Usability in Embedded Systems

    For the DR/4000, DR/5000, AquaTrend and other systems, the effort put into trying out solutions with customers paid off big.…