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  • What should we do next?

    What should we do next?

    Many product development organizations already understand that iterative feedback is helpful for improving product designs before, during and after release.…

  • Cloud-Based Banking Software

    Cloud-Based Banking Software

    ImpairmentStudio™ is a quickly growing product offered by Moody's Analytics to calculate allowance according to CECL and IFRS9 accounting guidelines.…

  • Mobile Apps

    Mobile Apps

    At Blue Shield of California, I worked closely with Product Managers, Developer & QA scrum teams, and a contract Interaction…

  • Mobile Web

    Mobile Web

    Blue Shield of California needed a mobile web presence to meet the needs of one of their biggest customers. I…

  • Defining a New Design System

    Defining a New Design System

    From 122 inconsistent page templates to 6 simpler, better ones.

  • Optimizing the Page Everyone Sees

    Optimizing the Page Everyone Sees

    The Home Page needs strategy, not chaos

  • 02 Pharmacy Top Auth

    Empowering Information Seekers

    Helping customers manage their own data.

  • Accessible Product Design

    Accessible Product Design

    Accessibility is good for everyone.

  • Growing the Customer Base

    Growing the Customer Base

    The Autodesk Seek team had an opportunity to expand the part of the site that explains the benefits of partnering…