Lean UX


I have been practicing lean design processes for years, in various forms. There is a great potential for harmony between user experience design and lean development methods, as long as people understand the touchpoints where communication needs to happen. "Agile UX" has a logical, repeatable pattern of activities that can be mapped to many specific development processes.

Typically this means dedicating time up front for UX Discovery, where design research can occur. Then, as requirements begin to solidify, self-directed teams can collaborate on designs, working together to explore solutions without generating excessive documentation. Presenting these ideas to people outside the team, skillfully and repeatedly, helps validate the product offering and maximize usability. Integrating content strategy and visual design at key points throughout the process maximizes team and resource efficiency. Finally, generating only the documentation that is necessary minimizes wasted effort and rework. All these elements form the framework of my lean user experience design leadership.


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