Design Management


Helping teams succeed is one of my favorite activities, and as a design manager I can really influence outcomes in a positive way. Designers, product managers, business analysts, content strategists, developers and other product development professionals are smart, creative people, and I enjoy working together with them to design and build great things.

At the same time, I have experience in multiple industries and development models, which helps me bring extra talents to the table. Examples include:

  • creating and driving a vision for the future
  • building trust through honesty and transparency
  • estimation and planning
  • quickly evaluating and optimizing design directions
  • integrating the needs of users and client partners
  • inspiring and directing people to create new and better solutions
  • organizing and presenting ideas
  • delivering appropriate designs on time and on budget

It is my great honor and privilege to build and lead teams of user experience designers and researchers. The things that people can get accomplished together are always more than the sum of the parts. I value people and manage to the individual to help bring out their best. It is thrilling and energizing to be able to share my experience with different design techniques, and apply different frameworks for thinking that unleash great solutions.