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I live in San Francisco, California

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San Francisco

Places Where I've Worked

It is exhilarating to live and work in the city of San Francisco. It's a great place to be doing great product design!
This is where I got my start - the land of mountains and plains, and massive temperature shifts.
Graduate school at the Institute of Design was a whirlwind of creative opportunities and savage critiques that helped me solidify my design point of view. Most important lesson: make to learn, instead of trying to learn every fact before trying something. In other words, to quote a maxim from IDEO, "fail early and often."
I worked remotely for McKesson for one of my years with them. This is also where I learned to run remote usability tests single-handedly, in a literal sense, because I had broken my collarbone in a Thanksgiving football game and could only use one arm!
For a shared project between Hach Company and Radiometer, I visited Lyon, France twice for design meetings and usability testing for multi-language user interfaces.
Similarly, I visited Berlin and Düsseldorf for immersive design sessions and usability testing in German.

Other Interests

I've been a musician since 4th grade, playing drumset, hand percussion, and a little bass guitar and keyboards.
Mindfulness and awareness practice helps me stay focused and centered. I'm a meditation instructor in the Shambhala tradition.